Sweet fuck, it's been a long time.

Hello to my adoring fans.

For the past 6 months I've been cheerfully running some biz out of Barbados. let me tell you, it sure beats the hell out of NC. I'm not sure why I stayed there so long. Even the Navajo stronghold my relatives run in New Mexico is better than NC, and that's saying a lot.

I know you all miss me, some of you very likely want to kill me, too, but I'm afraid I won't be coming back. There are bigger and stronger and smarter people than you who are after my ass and in order to keep my credits flowing, trhe trade off was to stay the hell out of NC. That works for me.

I'm disappointed that I had to close my barbados shop, it was doing really well, good business, right on the beach, but shit happens, and sometimes you have to just walk away. I can't say where I am right now, but I'm safe-ish, and trying to not end up getting screwed up the ass by a favour I owe someone.

To my former colleagues, stay safe. And sorry I just blasted off without warning.
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Greetings from the Cayman Islands

*vidfeed of Lynx, chrome hair, chrome bikini, on the beach*
Hey all. Sorry to skip out of NC, but I needed a vacation. I'm having a blast and I might be here for a while. Don't get too lost without me.


*feed fizzles out*
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Totally OOC post

I have a bunch of LJ Codes, so I might try to split this journal into two, but this will be mostly for Lynx. You can take what you see here ICly, of course, but try to respond ICly. Or with an OOC prefix.. And try to watch the icons so you don't respond to Lynx when you need to respond to nyx and vice versa XD

I'll preface the posts with LYNX and NYX from now on.


I think I've been smoking too many drugs recently. My brain isn't working. Or maybe that's just the cyber. i need more cyber, gotta find a way to make some quick and easy cred. That way I can get all the dates I want, although, I am fairly irresistable.
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Got one of these things

Be afraid. Lynx is wired and on the Trix. Well kinda. Don't have a DNI, so I'm doing this the old fashioned way. Word that I'm back in town spread fast, but some things are different, some are the same. The biggest one is I'm really working myself to death. I don't have much other than work, but what the fuck. I don't need any mroe angst than some parties already give me. Certain parties that drove out lovers, friends and business associates because the arrogant bastard couldn't deal with my socialzing with certain people.

SO yeah, I'm here, I'm queer.. well.. I'm not queer, but whatever. I don't have a deck shop, but I'm not outta the loop. Totally.
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